Blogroll Amnesty Day

February 3, 2008

Go read Jon Swift on Blogroll Amnesty Day (h/t: Physioprof). After you are done with that, drop me a comment with a blog you think I should be reading. If it has some thing to do with academic careers, science careers, drug abuse or neuroscience, it may even appear on the Blogroll.
Fire away.

3 Responses to “Blogroll Amnesty Day”

  1. CC Says:

    It’s slowed down a lot in recent months, but I’ll still note Engineering Science. It continues to astonish me how little interest academic scientists (student, postdoc or PI) in the US take in the NIH near-monopoly that makes or breaks their careers.


  2. N.B. Says:

    If you’re interested in a pharmacy student’s take on medicine, drugs, ethics, and whatever else I feel like throwing the world to chew on, you should probably take a look at Secundum Artem.


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