Au revoir

January 22, 2008

In a bitter sweet moment, I announce that we are bringing activities on to a close.

Thanks to you DearReader. It has been a fun and very memorable ride on DrugMonkey over this past year. I started out with the intent to talk about careers in NIH-funded biomedical science generally and the subfields of drug abuse science in particular. Through this I’ve learned a great deal, both by trying to get coherent thoughts together for a blog entry and in reading the comments of readers from a broad set of backgrounds.

Along the way I picked up co-blogger PhysioProf, whom I can’t thank enough. The insightful perspectives and clearly outlined career advice has taught me a lot, as I expect it has you Readers as well.

BikeMonkey’s contribution were less of a “pickup” since the BM’s views had been a touchstone for my blogging all along the way. Nevertheless, thanks for providing that slightly more colorful tone to the blog.

You may at this point be wondering why it was so important for me to get your views on the past year of blogging. Why indeed? Well, to skip 1,000 words:


Yes, DrugMonkey the blog has been assimilated by the Borg. The PhysioProf and I will be continuing our discussions over there for the coming year. We do hope you will join us at Go easy though, there’s going to be a learning curve. And more “working through blogging issues” stuff. The intent is to stick more or less with the same blogging, so I’m sure you’ll keep us on the straight and narrow, DearReader.

[The WordPress blog will remain here for now. I have no plans to delete it. Time will tell if it makes sense to shift the archive or to maintain this blog home for the occasional odd purpose.]

6 Responses to “Au revoir”

  1. Thomas Robey Says:

    Very well, then. I will see you over there.


  2. bill Says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! I read the first sentence and thought you meant you were quitting!

    Don’t do that! Damn.

    Oh yeah, and congratulations on the new home. Gonna start calling you Locutus…


  3. bsci Says:

    This keeps happening to blogs that I follow. Either I’m ahead of the curve on finding people who will end up on scienceblogs or I’m already a borg drone scouting for new captures.

    As for the wordpress archives, while most of your posts are of high quality, you’ve been building up almost a book length series on advise to young investigators. While surprisingly much of Cajal’s book is still accurate, he didn’t talk about applying for jobs and ideas on getting grant funding. (And his section on finding the ideal wife for a researcher is a bit dated)

    It’s probably worth finding a good repository for these posts and comments along with a table of contents page. These are a huge resource for people who aren’t at schools with a good support/advising system. If you keep building this, you will have one of the best books on the market for this topic.

    Congratulations on the move and don’t get too sucked into the dozens of borg units there that seem to only talk about how much they hate religion. That gets repetitive after a while.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Ditto, please DO archive!


  5. drugmonkey Says:

    bsci, thanks for the kind thoughts. I don’t know that a regular print book derived from a bunch of posts works too well. although I must admit I bought that Open Science 2007 anthology thing and immediately found myself reading stuff I wouldn’t have on the electronic list of posts.


  6. PhysioProf Says:

    I am sure we will archive all posts from here in one form or another, so not to worry.


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