One hears now and again from journal editors of one’s acquaintance how hard it is to get reviewers for papers. In fact a William F. Perrin detailed the problem in his field in a recent Science letter-to-Editor:

As a past editor of Marine Mammal Science and a present associate editor of the Journal of Mammalogy, I have had great difficulty in lining up reviewers. Sometimes it takes 8 or 10 tries to find someone who will agree to review a paper. The typical excuse is “I’m too busy.” Read the rest of this entry »

Wiener Blut

January 16, 2008

You just knew if it was such a profitable business, then the lab in OperaciĆ³n Puerto couldn’t be the only one didn’t you? Cyclingnews has the call: Read the rest of this entry »

The NIH Director, Elias Zerhouni has a newsletter out which advances several arguments for the importance of science education. YHN may be occasionally guilty of taking the Great Zerhouni to task for some of his choices and directions as director and some of you may have a critical cant on anything he has to say. Well, this had some gems. If nothing else, it is a good rehearsal for your own thoughts on the importance of science. Read the rest of this entry »