J. Neuroscience goes “Open Choice”

January 9, 2008

From the Maunsell editorial:

In response to the trend to freer access, The Journal of Neuroscience will now offer an Open Choice option for articles submitted on or after January 1, 2008. By paying a fee, authors can have their articles freely available on the Journal’s website as soon as they are published. The fee is currently $1,250 for a Brief Communications article and $2,500 for a regular article. These sums are the minimum required to cover the costs of reviewing, composing, and publishing articles.

4 Responses to “J. Neuroscience goes “Open Choice””

  1. physioprof Says:

    What he also said in the editorial is that the Journal considers this a good way to judge whether institutions and funding agencies are willing to pay the costs of open access, by seeing how many pay the Open Choice fee. If PNAS is any indicator, it ain’t gonna be many.


  2. bill Says:

    The editorial is behind a paywall… do they say anything about adjusting their subscription fees concomitant with OA uptake?


  3. physioprof Says:

    Nuttin about subscrippy fees.


  4. neurolover Says:

    Hughes is paying, right? The problem with the others is that they don’t offer “extra budgets”so the PI has to balance it based on the budget they’ve actually gotten.

    I hate that NIH hasn’t taken a stronger stand on this, because they really have an obligation to the taxpayers who fund the research to make it’s communication available to them. NIH needs to provide the same pressure/incentives that Hughes is pushing.


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