Happy Winter Solstice and Thank You

December 21, 2007

If there’s any more universal holiday in the long years of human culture than celebrating the lengthening of the day, I don’t know what it should be.

As good an opportunity as any to say thanks to you, DearReader.

To Physioprof, an early adopter who’s considered, coherent and lengthy comments on several of my posts led to some excellent co-blogging. Thanks for reading and thanks for playing.

To the BM, thanks for the behind-the-scenes advice in the early days and thanks for stepping up to the plate finally.

To writedit, of Medical Writing, Editing & Grantsmanship who is kindly to ranting comment, even if that blog is a bit un-bloggy in intent. Thanks for keeping us up on all the NIH funding news.

To whimple, Neuro-conservative, neurolover, JSinger, gnupi, BugDoc and others for commenting in ways that inform me and everyone else reading. Thanks for playing, thanks for coming back to read and, most importantly, thanks for GivingACrap about biomedical science and the careers of science.

To Thomas Robey of Hope for Pandora, thanks for reading and linking. But mostly thanks for striking a blog tone of inquiry, of searching for answers, rather than always providing them. I can learn from that.

To MarkH of denialism, Noah Gray of Action Potential, Ms.PhD of YoungFemaleScientist, Shelley Batts of Retrospectacle, Rob Knop, formerly of Galactic Interactions and Bill Hooker of Open ReadingFrame for providing much discussion fodder and putting up with debate, frequent straw-ification of positions and/or critique from me with good grace and sometimes enthusiastic response.

To Janet Stemwedel of Adventures in Ethics and Science who consistently hits on topics on the ethical conduct of science that interest me and is happy to explore issues betwixt blogs. Thanks for the links and thanks for GivingACrap about the way science is conducted.

To the Lurkers. You know who you are! Thanks for reading and perhaps you’ll jump into a discussion one of these days…

8 Responses to “Happy Winter Solstice and Thank You”

  1. physioprof Says:

    Thanks to you DM for creating a cool space to freely discuss interesting and timely topics.

    And thanks for the invitation to co-blog. I never thought I would “waste” my time on that kind of thing, and look at me now.

    BTW, a few promised posts on the job interview process are percolating as we speak.


  2. bill Says:

    Aw shucks. And thank you, DM, for providing much food for thought, and for Giving A Crap™ yourself.


  3. writedit Says:

    Happy Festivus! Grab the aluminum pole & let the airing of grievances begin!

    For my part, no grievances – just admiration for DM’s highly significant contributions to the community of science & scientists.


  4. Neuro-conservative Says:

    Many thanks, Drug, for providing a digital water cooler for all of us trying to do science “on the dole.” Looking forward to another cool year of long rants and low paylines…


  5. Hey, I missed this post while on hiatus but wanted to offer thanks to all y’all from this semi-lurker. I always know I’m going to learn something when I dial up DM. Happy New Year!


  6. Marilyn Says:

    Hi, this is OT, but do you know that there is another blogger who calls himself Drugmonkey?



  7. Thomas Robey Says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate your reading my blog and especially calling out ideas and perspectives I had not fully considered.


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