Edwards on Medical MJ

December 17, 2007

John Edwards on both Medical Marijuana and, wait for it, the role of science in public policy.

[h/t: Drug Law Blog]

…which was apparently an evolved position

12 Responses to “Edwards on Medical MJ”

  1. DrugMonkey Says:

    […] 17, 2008 I posted on John Edwards views on medical marijuana before, here’s Mike Huckabee fielding a similar […]


  2. Michael Says:

    I respect that John Edwards’ views evolve with more understanding of the issues. He is a decent man, in my opinion, and I’m glad he would protect medical patients like me, but I do believe we all have further to go on this issue. There are many other drugs for pain which have toxic side effects, or which have tolerance and addiction and fatal overdose risks associated with them. Cannabis does not, it is one of the safest pharmacologically active substances found in nature and while it may not be everything to everyone, for those whom it helps there are no suitable alternatives.


  3. Piled Higher, Deeper Says:

    “is one of the safest pharmacologically active substances found in nature”

    Duuuude, I read all that NORML literature when I was in college too…

    Okay, somewhat seriously, go read Terra Sigillata, I see the link right over here on the right. This “natural” stuff is addressed. Also, he had a post recently, I think, on “pharmacological activity” of soil which may give you some perspective on throwing out huge generalizations like this…


  4. Michael Says:

    Is soil pharmacologically active?


  5. Piled Higher, Deeper Says:

    like I said, go read Abel’s stuff. the short answer is, yes.


  6. Michael Says:

    Do you want to provide a link instead of making me guess?


  7. Michael Says:

    Is this what you’re talking about?

    I have no problem with chimps eating dirt, and I fail to see the point. There are many safe psychoactive things, I’m not sure if dirt is one of them, but cannabis is hardly the only herb which has beneficial medicinal properties. I don’t know any humans who eat dirt to alter their consciousness.


  8. Piled Higher, Deeper Says:

    of course. perfectly safe, that marijuana! no possible risks associated with smoking out…


  9. Michael Says:

    Cannabis makes people taunt zoo animals? Really? Is that your argument?

    Are you drunk?


  10. PhysioProf Says:

    Smoking weed makes teenagers play with their parents’ loaded guns they leave lying around the house in unlocked drawers and blow their friends’ brains out. I saw it in a teevee commercial, so it must be true.



  11. drugmonkey Says:

    it is not so much that intoxicants “make” someone taunt a tiger. They simply increase the probability of a bad choice. Given a high baserate of dumb behavior sometimes the intoxicant makes the diff in outcome.


  12. Michael Says:

    Cannabis is non-toxic so it’s not properly termed an intoxicant. I’m sure people smoke pot and do dumb things, but people do dumb things without pot, and alcohol is the intoxicant most associated with dangerous behavior.


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