Grant Searching

December 11, 2007

You know about CRISP, you’ve heard about CRISPer. Now meet the PubMedCentral/ NIHMS system.

Being the GoodLittleMonkey that I am (also very Curious, which we’ll get to), I’ve been using the NIH Manuscript Submission (NIHMS) to deposit a manuscript or so into PubMed Central, as mandated by NIH. Although to submit a manuscript you will have to log in as some sort of authenticated user, mostly this will mean through your eRA Commons login, I think one can use the Grant Lookup tool without logging in

It is stone simple. Click on it and you will see a little dialog with fields for First Name / Last Name and Grant #. Partial text is treated as wild card as far as I can tell. All you seem to be able to get is the grant title, this is not linked to abstract or anything. So why bother?

I noticed that there are some things that come up here that cannot be found on CRISP, mostly very recent funding stuff. And it is very strange as you can get somethings via PI last name that you can’t get by grant number wildcarding.

7 Responses to “Grant Searching”

  1. physioprof Says:

    “I noticed that there are some things that come up here that cannot be found on CRISP, mostly very recent funding stuff.”

    My experience has been that grants invariably appear on CRISP within a day or two of issuance of the Notice of Award.


  2. DM Says:

    nope. not everything that one might wonder about..


  3. physioprof Says:



  4. I’ve also seen some awards on CRISP with the abstract “unavailable.” What’s up with that?


  5. physioprof Says:

    If those are non-competing continuations, try looking at the CRISP record for the original competing award. In some cases, institute staff fail to upload the original abstract when making a non-competing award. This has happened for some of my grants.


  6. Piled Higher, Deeper Says:

    The new NIH appropriation, signed by Bush, mandates putting manuscripts in PubMedCentral. Going to have to be a few more GoodLittleMonkeys putting their work into the repository…


  7. […] had a prior note on the grant searching tool that was included on the PMC manuscript submission site and keep […]


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