SfN07: The Caffeinery

September 24, 2007

The whole point of going to coffee is, going to coffee. You know, getting up off your behind and walking away from your usual environment to think, proof a paper or really focus on discussions with colleagues. [Okay, that and getting your loading dose on. You can get your pharmacological hit from the stands inside the convention center but how much fun is that?] If you really need to “go to coffee”, there are options.

The official Bike Monkey coffee shop for the conference is Java Jones located at 631 9th Ave. Just a walk up the Gaslamp main drag (5th Ave) which is right out the front door of the Convention Center, hang a right on Market, four blocks and there you are. Also, you can cut the diagonal and run right past Petco Park for a look see at our version of the “we need an intimate downtown ballpark (which the taxpayers will fund)” holdup. They have the essentials meaning coffee and free Wifi.

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