Rules for Grads (and postdocs, and PIs and…)

September 17, 2007

Go read Total Drek on Rules for First Year Grad Students. (hattip: Dynamics of Cats) Some of the highlights with particular relevance to my favorite themes…

Stop thinking about what you do as “school” and start thinking of it as “work” and particularly as “your career.” 

This is about the second thing I say to graduate students.

Don’t get so wrapped up in the short game that you forget to pick your head up

Careerism people, careerism. That next paper is not everything.

faculty members are people too. 

your faculty’s needs do not always match up with your own

Recent discussions ring any bells????

You’re all smart, you were all at the top of your classes, and you’re all small fish in a big pond. Get over the shock of this as quickly as you can.

Applicable at every stage. Those morons you postdoc with? They aren’t your competition. The version of you at the other lab, that’s your competition.

Don’t spend too much time reading the blog of some asshole online. His opinions aren’t necessarily correct in your case.

’nuff said.

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