A: To make money

September 7, 2007

Now this true confession is just plain funny.

2 Responses to “A: To make money”

  1. bikemonkey Says:

    Did you read the prior two posts though?

    As a fellow academic / So-Cal’er it hits home. Gotta tread on DMs turf a bit here.

    Backstory is the notorious B,Ph.D. whining about not being able to buy a house in Irvine despite household income in the (apparently low) 6-figures. “but I thought we were rich now”! pure gold all over this post and the comments. “you elitist prig”, “am not”, “are too”. ohh, pure gold this one.

    More serious issues for academics in general. Are we underpaid? Should we be part of the upper middle? Or are we just working schlubs like anyone else? If so, why does this piss us off so much? Why do we get paid the same in San Diego as as in Kansas?


  2. Piled Higher, Deeper Says:

    We’re just snobby bastards that’s all. We do a job and get paid for it, period. We can make a living. Those training bumps of a few years ago made even postdoc’s salaries decent.


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