I can’t leave Chembark’s opinion that poor stewardship of the public’s (grant) money verges on ethical misconduct alone. In particular this observation:

I also get upset with researchers who win grants for one set of ideas, then spend the money on projects that are not just tangential, but completely different. To me, this smacks of obtaining funding under false pretenses, and I consider it to be dishonest behavior.

What world is this guy living in? I’ll take the point when one is talking about a small funding agency with a highly focused and singular agenda. Shouldn’t take money from American Heart and work on drug abuse. Oh, well I guess MDMA causes valve problems and acute cardiac arrest and we all know about smoking and heart disease. Then there was that Len Bias thing… Hmm. Okay, well, you sure better not take money from some Autism foundation and then work on immunology, mercury toxicology or development of the temporal lobe structures….errr, right?

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