Mozart would have been dead for 7 years…

February 8, 2007

Biomedical research scientists in the US (and worldwide) are bright, highly educated and creative folks. Most are dedicated to the public good, undergoing years of low pay while fueling the greatest research apparatus ever built- the NIH-funded behemoth that is American health science. Yet they persist in various types of employment stress and uncertainty for years, with minimal confidence of ever attaining a “real job”. It is dismaying to realize that by the time he received his first R01 (the major NIH research grant) Mozart would have been dead for 7 years (tipohat to Tom Lehrer). The official noises coming from the National Institutes of Health, and even some individual institutes such as the National Institute on Drug Abuse (scroll for comments on the young investigator) are positive, sure. We’ve heard such sentiments before, however, and most objective measures show long, uninterrupted dismal trends for the young and developing scientist.

3 Responses to “Mozart would have been dead for 7 years…”

  1. PiledHigher, Deeper Says:

    the key is not to whine about how bad things are but to take positive steps to do something about it. everybody knows about the disgruntled post-doc. how about some suggestions for improvement? here is one: limit the amount of total dollars awarded to any given PI. here’s another one: get real about “percent effort”-10% effort to run a whole R01 level project? 4 hrs per week? come on.


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